Wednesday, 30 August

18.00–19.00: KEYNOTE Alex Iantaffi | [title TBA]

from 19.30: Opening event at Schwelle 7

Thursday, 31 August

9.00–9:45: Registration

9.45–10.15: Welcome note

10.15–11.15: KEYNOTE Jingshu Zhu | “We’re Not Cheaters”: Polyamory, Mixed-Orientation Marriage and the Construction of Radical Honesty“

11.30–13.00: Slot 1

  • [DE] Diana Böhme, Christopher Gottwald & Andy Caballero | Ein Gespräch über die polyamore Subkultur in Berlin mit Bildern
  • Exploring narratives 1
    • Isabelle Coy-Dibley | Inscribing the Female Body with Polyamorous Desire in Anaïs Nin’s Experimental Writing
    • Filip Kuklewski | Consensual non-monogamy in the Slavic culture of the Middle Ages
    • Hagai Dagan | Subversive Demons: Jewish Demonology vs. Monogamy and Heterosexuality
  • Building communities
    • Alessandro Pedori | How we built a sex/non-normative relationship positive around the concept of an Adult Playground
    • Miguel Vagalume | Survival strategies of non-monogamous communities in Spain
    • Mike Upton | STIs, sexual health and non-monogamous intimacies: learning from AIDS
  • Michón | Intersectional Non-Monogamy
  • Sky | What we never told them. On research gaps and untackled potentials in activism

13.00–14.30: Lunch break

14.30–16.00: Slot 2

  • [DE] Annika Spahn & Balthazar Bender | A_sexualität und A_romantik. Eine Einführung aus intersektionaler Perspektive
  • Poly biographies?
    • Sina Muscarina | Polyamory – Psychological transformations in biographical narratives
    • Mimi Schippers | Was Wonder Woman Poly?: Reading Historical Biographies With a Polyqueer Gaze
    • Syrene, Pina & Idared | Writing Poly-potentialities
  • Exploring communities
    • Hsiao-Chuan Hsia | Beyond Victimization: The Empowerment and Movement-Building of the Marriage Migrants in Taiwan
    • Laura Zambelli | Different configurations of non-monogamy in the Italian BDSM scene
    • Martijn Kooijman | Doing master research on Sex work in the Netherlands
  • Leo Yankovic | Representation of Polyamory as an inborn trait as a defense line and retreat from political discourse

16.30–18.00: Slot 3

  • [DE] Helga Pregesbauer | Hurenstigma. Eine Betrachtung als soziales Konstrukt, Performance und Normierungsstrategie
  • Public framings
    • Stefan Ossmann | Polyamory in the news: How the German-speaking press frames multiple relationships
    • Daniel Cardoso, Marisa Torres da Silva & Ana Rosa | Politics and polyamory – Gendered online discourses about non-monogamies and (in)civility
    • Athina Mara | How social policy affects and contributes in the acceptance and the embodiment of homosexual couples in Greece
  • Intimacies 1
    • Charlotta Carlström | BDSM and non-monogamy
    • Lara Özlen | Woman-to-Woman Socializations in İstanbul: Lesbian-Bisexual Intimacies’ Relationality with Solidarity as a Part of Identity Politics
    • Jemma Middleton | Intimacy in polyamorous relationships in the Randstad, NL
  • Eve Rickert & Franklin Veaux: Putting the ethics in ethical non-monogamy
  • Barbara Rothmüller & Marion Thuswald | The emotional dimension of diverse intimacies and un-conventional relationships: Reflecting on the possibilities of sexuality education

18.15–19.15: Slot 4 [60 minutes]

  • [DE; 60 min] Sexarbeit
    • Christine Nagl | Sexarbeit in Österreich: Diskriminierung, „Hurenstigma” und „Volksgesundheit”
    • Tyna Fritschy | Prekarität und Krise: Sex-politix revisited
  • [60 min] Transhumanism, genetics, and non-monogamies
  • S Palumbo & MC Ferro | New intimacies for a biotechnological era: Transhumanist values and futures
    • Julien Wessels | Genetic Variability of the Oxytocinreceptor and polygamie – Poly-Gen-Project
  • [60 min] Jonathan Kent | Getting the Word Out
  • [60 min] David Cigánek | Polyamorous relationship escalator or network graph? Attempt to describe the relationship opening as a succession of milestones
  • [60 min] James Fleckenstein & Edward Fernandes | Swinging in the Age of Polyamory – A Review and Re-examination

20.30–23.00: Film night with the option of having food/drinks afterwards (to be confirmed)

  • [40 min] JP Mizzen | L(L)SL – Limit(less) Sex and Love (English/German, with English subtitles)
  • [19 min] Ann Antidote & Roderick | Schlampenau, eine Polygarchutopie / Vacations in Slut Meadow, a polygarchutopia (German, with English subtitles)
  • [32 min] Dr. SerenaGaia & Shaison Antony | PLAYA AZUL I LOVE YOU: Together In Ecosexual Love

Friday, 1 September

09.10–09.30: Arrival

09.30–10.30: KEYNOTE Andreas Brunner | Intimacy under the condition of prosecution: Gay male relationships in Vienna between 1938 and 1945

10.45–12.15: Slot 4

  • [DE] Iris Schmidt Rios & Bernadette Casu | Jolene? Ich lebe Tanz./I live dance.
  • [DE/EN; 180 min – runs into Open Space] Christopher Gottwald | Contact Improvisation und alternative Beziehungsformen (Eine Tanzform als Reflexionsmöglichkeit)
  • Negotiating non-monogamous lives
    • Roma De Las Heras Gómez | Tools for negotiations in non romantic relationships
    • Arthur Dombrovsky | Polygamous relationship psychotherapy: theory and practice. Gestalt therapy point of view
    • RM Vaughan | Scheune House Rules
  • Renate Baumgartner, Christian Klesse, Emiel Maliepaard & Meg-John Barker | Between sexual agency and fulfilling stereotypes: the intersections between bisexuality and non-monogamies
  • Phoenix Flight | Disability, and all sorts of sex

12.45–14.15: Open Space

14.15–15.45: Lunch break

15.45–16.45: KEYNOTE Mollena Williams | [title TBA]

17.00–18.30/19.00: Slot 5 – (extended for 120 min workshops etc.)

  • [DE; 120 min] Katharina Payk & Ulrike Koch | Fetisch. Zauber, Zwang und Zugehörigkeit an der Schnittstelle zwischen Norm und Bruch
  • [DE; 120 min] Renate Baumgartner, Katharina Payk & Claudia Breitenberger | Bi*/Pan/Poly*. Zwischen Ausgrenzungserfahrung und aktivistischem Potenzial
  • [120 min] Gwendolin Altenhöfer & Katrin Wilhelm: Theory and practical application of Octovism
  • [120 min] Intimacies 2
    • Luisa Schneider | Relationship’s many faces: love, sex and (a)romanticism in Freetown, Sierra Leone
    • Justyna Sempruch | Emotional Sustainability and the Socio-Political Meanings of Non-monogamous Love
    • Alexandra Cheira | Happily Ever After? A Feminist Critique of the Meaning of Romantic Love in Contemporary Non/Monogamous Intimacies
    • Thomas Schnetlage | Sexuality and Polyamory for Seniors
  • [possibly 120 min] Exploring narratives 2
    • Redfern Jon Barrett | “Greedy, deviant, and perverse”: Living and writing polyamory
    • Dr. SerenaGaia | Sacred Ecosex: Teorema, Il Sessantotto and Pasolini’s Math/Map of Sexual Fluidity and Amorous Inclusiveness
    • Martine Mussies | Non-monogamy in computer games

19.30–23.00: [DE/EN] Carolina Frank & Dorian Bonelli | Playfight: Ein Workshop zum spielerischen Kämpfen / A workshop for playful fighting. Location: Garuda Warrior Academy, Diefenbachgasse 46, 1150 Vienna. Participants: max. 40 / price 6–10 €. Please register via email to

Saturday, 2 September

09.10–09.30: Arrival

9.30–11.00: Slot 6

  • [DE] Definitionen und Entscheidungen
    • Inna Barinberg | Über die Notwendigkeit von Definitionen
    • Mona Röhm | Monogamie als unhinterfragte Norm oder bewusst gewählte Beziehungsform?
    • Jakob Mirwald | Nicht/monogame Begehrensformen: Dreieckskonstellationen im Film
  • Expressions of mononormativity
    • Nataliia Kovalchuk | Compulsory coupledom and forms of resistance to homonormativity within LGBT community in contemporary Ukraine
    • Dietmar Wetzel & Nicolette Seiterle | Polyamory and Other Alternative Forms of Relationships in Switzerland – Between Privilege and Discrimination?
    • Jessica Kean | Mononormativity in Australian “de facto relationships” law
  • Challenges and problems in non-monogamous communities and relationships
    • Chaska Hexe Fey | Complications & Colonizations
    • Pepper Mint | When Non-Monogamous Community Leaders Are Abusive
    • Elisende Coladan | Mistreatment, manipulation, abuse and violence (physical and psychological), in alternative, non-monogamous relationships
  • Katrin Ackerl Konstantin & Rosalia Kopeinig | Queerelen – a participatory art project!
  • Amanda Rose | Relationship Anarchy: Breaking the paradigm

11.30–13.00: Slot 7

  • [DE] Red Edition presents: “Let’s Talk About Sex Work”
  • [DE] Robert Matzinger | Ein Blick auf die Geschichte der Österreichischen BDSM-Szene und auf deren Einfluss auf die laufende Polyamory-Debatte
  • Engaging normativities
    • Sabiha Allouche | A Queer becoming? On the ‘Gay friendly’ Islamophobia
    • Rahil Roodsaz | Queer self-fashioning among the Iranian Dutch younger generation
    • Gesa Mayer | Polynormativity!? – Revisiting the relationship anarchist critique of polyamory
  • Charà Tsopakidou | Zine Workshop on Boundaries and Consent
  • [90 min] Cornelia Schadler, Christian Klesse & Michael Raab | Non-monogamous parents

13.00–14.30: Lunch break

14.30–16.00: Slot 8

  • [DE] Marion Thuswald | Negotiating Intimacies. Research and Reflexion on Professional and Activist Settings of Sex Education
  • [multilingual DE + EN] Elina Mikkilä | Randbemerkungen … or Empowering Self-Narratives?
  • Gendered discourses/practices
    • Katrien De Graeve | Being a good man. Masculinities and morality in the context of non-monogamous internet-mediated dating
    • Ryan Scoats | “In my head it feels a little bit more derogatory”: Women’s experiences and expectations of MMF threesomes
    • Mona Simu | Traditionalism vs. postmodernism in pop-rock love songs of the youth in Romania: “Him and Her”
  • Infidelity and couple centrism
    • Marlene Wasserman | #Techintimacies: Psychotherapeutic challenges & management interventions
    • Thoma Parker | A Phenomenological Study of Jealousy and Envy in Non-Monogamous Partnerships
  • Eve Rickert, Alex S. Morgan & Anlina Sheng | After the Call-Out: How to Face Public Conflict With Grace and Accountability

16.30–18.00: Slot 9

  • [DE] Familien- und Beziehungsstrukturen
    • Theresa Manderscheid | Polyamouröse Familiennetzwerke – Zu nicht-monogamen Familienstrukturen und deren familiärer Lebensrealität
    • Martina Binter | Mehrfach Lieben – Zwei Polyküle im Fokus
    • Antonia Velicu & Pamina Reichmann | Mehr als Zweisamkeit – When two won’t do
  • Historical perspectives on non-monogamies in the United States
    • Karin Wandrei | “Sleeping with the Enemy”. Consensual Non-Monogamy and 1970s AMERICAN Lesbian-Feminists
    • Carolyn Herbst Lewis | Suburban Swingers in the Mid-20th Century United States
    • Janet Bennion | Lesbianism and Polygamy: What is the connection?
  • Boka En & Mercedes Pöll | Teaching and learning intimacies in university(?) settings
  • James Fleckenstein & Derrell Cox | Healthy, Happy, Satisfied…and Open: A Mixed Methods Examination of a Large Sample of Individuals in Non-Monogamous Relationships
  • Dawn Davidson | Get KISSable! Creating Empowering Relationship Agreements for NMCI

18.15–19.15: KEYNOTE Robin Bauer | “Well, first you became a lesbian, then you’re into this pervy kinky stuff and well I mean then there is really no necessity to get married, right?” – Queer BDSM perspectives on non-monogamous intimacies

19.15: Closing discussion

20.00: Closing event at Schwelle 7