Transport in and to Vienna

We recommend making use of the local public transport services. In Vienna, they are operated by Wiener Linien.

Public transport tickets in Vienna

We recommend buying your tickets …
– from one of the ticket machines located at underground or S-Bahn train stations (multiple language options are available and you can usually pay cash or by card);
– through the Wiener Linien online shop;
– or through the WienMobil app (iPhone, Android).

To figure out the best ticket options for you, have a look at the Ticket Guide. A single ticket is EUR 2.20 (EUR 2.30 if purchased at an on-board coin-only ticket machine inside a tram or directly from a bus conductor). A 72-hour ticket is EUR 16.50 – the 72 hours start from the time of validation. A weekly pass is EUR 16.20 and is always valid for the calendar week (from Monday, 12.00 AM to Monday, 9.00 AM).

Using public transport

A valid ticket enables you to use public transport services (e.g. underground/U-Bahn, tram/Straßenbahn, bus/Bus, and S-Bahn trains). To help you plan your trips within Vienna and for more specific information about service times, have a look at Wiener Linien’s Timetables or use the Journey Planner.

Please carry a valid ticket on you at all times when on public transport or in public transport stations. If your ticket is not valid upon purchase, you need to validate it by getting it stamped. You do this by sliding your ticket into one of the validation boxes located at the entry to underground or S-Bahn stations and inside trams and buses.

While you do not need a ticket to physically access public transport stations or services, you should always have your ticket ready in case of a ticket inspection. If you don’t have a valid ticket, you will be fined EUR 103.00.

Please note that most public transport services shut down at night. Instead, you can use the NightLine services (buses). Additionally, during nights leading up to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, underground trains keep running.

Getting to Vienna from Vienna International Airport

There are numerous ways of getting to Vienna from the airport. We recommend the S7 train as as it is the cheapest option and quite convenient. To reach the S7, follow the airport signage directing you to the train platforms. Since the airport is located outside of Vienna, you will need a ticket regardless of whether you already have a ticket for Vienna’s public transport services.

A ticket from the airport to Vienna is EUR 3.90 and you can get it at a ticket machine. If you already have a valid ticket for public transport within Vienna, you can buy a ticket from the airport to ‘Stadtgrenze’/the city limits for EUR 1.70, which will cover the travel zone outside Vienna.

If you’re going directly to the conference, take the S7 and get off at ‘Praterstern’. Then change to the U2 line and ride one stop to ‘Messe-Prater’. From there, you can walk to the conference venue (see above).

To figure out the best route for you, consider using the Journey Planner.

Alternative options for getting to Vienna from the airport:
Vienna Airport Lines (bus; EUR 8.00 for a one-way ticket)
City Airport Train (CAT) (EUR 11.00 for a one-way ticket)
– taxi (around EUR 35.00 to 40.00)

Getting to the conference

The main conference venue, Sigmund Freud University (SFU), is located at Freudplatz 1, 1020 Wien, next to the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) campus. You can reach the venue by taking a U2 underground train and getting off at ‘Messe-Prater’ stop. On the platform, take the exit ‘Messe’ and then follow Messestraße. Pass between Austria Trend Hotel Messe Wien on your right and the university campus on your left. You will reach SFU in about 4 minutes.

The film night on Thursday, 31 August, will be held at Schikaneder cinema, Margaretenstraße 22–24, 1040 Wien. We will organise guided trips from SFU to the cinema. If you travel to the cinema on your own from SFU, take the U2 line to ‘Karlsplatz’, take the exit ‘Wiedner Hauptstraße’ (it’s in the opposite direction of the ‘Oper’ exit), and go straight ahead onto Wiedner Hauptstraße. After passing TU Wien (a university) on your right, turn right onto Schaurhofergasse and turn left onto Operngasse. Follow Operngasse until it turns into Margaretenstraße and keep going. Schikaneder cinema will be on the right side at number 22–24.

The Opening and Closing events take place at Schwelle7, Tellgasse 25, 1150 Wien. We will also organise guided trips from SFU to Schwelle7. If you travel there on your own from SFU, take the U2 line until ‘Volkstheater’, then switch to the U3 line and take a train until ‘Schweglerstraße’. Take the exit ‘Stättenmayergasse’ and walk towards Märzstraße (NOT Goldschlagstraße). Turn right onto Märzstraße, then left onto Schweglerstraße. Follow Schweglerstraße until you hit Tellgasse on your left. Find Schwelle7 at number 25. It should take you about 15 min to walk to Schwelle 7 from the underground.